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Are you using Medical grade serum that is safe to use for dermal skin treatment ? As you all know, I like to use medical grade products that dermatologists or med spas would use for skin needling. 


DA 1 growth factor ampoule is my newest discovery, I love using for stretchmarks Inkless tattoo, made by a manufacture in South Korea, who makes pharmaceutical skin care products and equipment. 


This is a High-Concentration Regenerating Serum containing EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor), and Peptides, and The strong action of adenosine which acts in the skin tissue reconstruction and regeneration. 


Peptides are amino acids that can penetrate through the skin barrier and aid in your body's natural production of collagen from the inside out. Peptides are what your body requires to produce collagen and elastin, keeping skin firm and youthful.


 Adenosine is an intracellular ingredient that provides excellent safety and durability in dermal penetration and facilitates DNA and protein synthesis in the dermis layer, thus helping the cells maintain their health and youth with their own self-sustaining power.

DA1 Growth Factor

SKU: DA-1-364215376135191
  • Each kit consist of - 0.17 fl.oz X 20 bottles

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