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A virtuoso medical tattoo artist, a dedicated trainer to my students, an entrepreneur, and a mother to my 2 daughters.



A medical tattooist, a master trainer, and a founder of Elevate You Studio.

Step into my world, where I wear the hat of both a medical tattooist and a trainer, creating a captivating blend of artistry and empowerment. Over half a decade in the realm of medical tattooing, I extraordinarily discovered my calling.

Imagine meeting a Canadian tattoo artist, a burn victim herself, who wielded her ink to transform her facial scars. But here's the kicker – she extended her expertise to help fellow burn survivors. That very moment ignited a passion within me that has been burning brightly ever since. As a single mom, I've faced my fair share of life's curveballs. Yet, in this rollercoaster journey, I've unearthed a profound truth:

Purpose is the secret weapon to conquering life's challenges. It was my guiding star, leading me through the toughest times. Life is an unpredictable adventure, and I've learned that having a clear goal is like having a treasure map in this wild terrain. I've honed my skills over the years to become the guiding compass for those seeking their true north, helping them unveil their purpose and passion based on my experience. 

I finished close to 20 certification courses, I developed the best protocol based on my knowledge, taking into account factors like skin sensitivity, race, and type over the years. 

Thus far, the experience has transformed both my life and the lives of my clients. My life now revolves heavily around practice and ongoing education in order to give my clients the best care possible.


According to my artistic vision, the effectiveness of medical tattoo procedures can be attributed to careful attention to detail, precise needle work, persistent research, and testing of novel techniques.


I mentor others, assisting them in achieving their goals of becoming medical tattoo artists and build successful beauty business like myself. I am excited to tell you about my journey!

Join me on this exciting journey of growth and transformation. Together, we'll unlock new horizons and chart a course towards a brighter future. Let's embark on this thrilling odyssey, hand in hand, as we create a world where dreams come true. 


My Mission

My mission is to contribute to elevate the quality of people's lives. It is the reason why I named my studio as Elevate You Studio. I look forward to growing more and helping others grow together.

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