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A virtuoso medical tattoo artist, a dedicated trainer to my students, an entrepreneur, and a mother to my 2 daughters.



A medical tattooist, a trainer, and a founder of Elevate You Studio.

I was inspired by a Canadian tattoo artist who was a burn victim, camouflaging her facial skin. When I saw she helped other burn victims with her experience 4.5 years ago, immediately I found my passion. 


My passion to help others feel comfortable on their skin, helped me overcome my own personal life obstacles and trauma I went through in life as a single mom, and gave me a purpose. I healed through this career and rebuilt myself from the rock bottom. 


Life brings so many surprises to everyone’s life, I learned It’s easier to overcome daily challenges, when we have a goal.  I love knowing that I can help people keep their eyes horizon and find purpose in their lives, through skills I learned over the years.

I completed over 18 certification programs in the past year. Based on my learning, I came up with the protocol that works the best depending on skin type, race, skin sensitivity and more. 


So far it has been a life changing journey for me and for clients. Continuing education and practice has become a big part of my life to provide the best service to my clients.


Based on my artistic eyes, attention to details, controlled needle technique, consistent study and testing in adapting new techniques  became a reason for successful results of medical tattoo procedures. 


I provide mentorship, helping others succeed to become a medical tattooist who will contribute to the Paramedical tattoo industry to become better. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!


My Mission

My mission is to contribute to elevate the quality of people's lives. It is the reason why I named my studio as Elevate You Studio. I look forward to growing more and helping others grow together.

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