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Before I talk about areola scar camouflage, I want to express I have tried to post areola scar before and after photos , videos on Instagram, it has been extremely challenging past year. I came to a conclusion it's time for me to let go of what doesn't work and find a different solution . I take this as an opportunity that I can help my audience from social media platform will be more encouraged to visit my website and get to know me and my work better through my website.

In case you are wondering how skin looks like right after areola scar camouflage, watch this video, you will see it at the end. For some people, their skin may be a source of insecurity or self-consciousness. This is where areola scar camouflage can come in as a solution.

This specific case was challenging due to the raised scar tissue. This is our second session, final result will be updated in 6 weeks.

Enjoy my short video and repost the link on your Instagram story !


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