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How Scalp Micropigmentation Helps for Hair Density?


Are bald patches and your scalp showing through making you feel insecure? Hair is the most prized possession, and losing it feels heart-wrenching. Sometimes, you can’t do much to stop your hair from shedding; it makes you feel helpless. However, it is the best thing you can do to make your hair look fuller.

Many people have yet to learn what scalp micro pigmentation feels like and what it does. This non-surgical procedure can transform your life by giving you the confidence you lack. Please have a look further to learn about it and whether or not it affects hair density!

Scalp micropigmentation Treetment before and after results of women middle hair line

The Science Behind It

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most beneficial treatments for people with hair thinning and baldness. It is a non-surgical procedure that helps make your hair look fuller and hairline more even. Most people call it hair tattoos because they create dots resembling hair follicles.

The tiny needles penetrate the scalp with pigment that matches the colour of hair follicles to create a 3D effect and make hair look fuller. It helps camouflage baldness, looking like there is hair on the scalp. The method also hides scars, giving you a more even hairline and coverage.

How Does It (SMP) Work to Increase Hair Density?

Scalp micropigmentation Treetment before and after results of mens hair

One of the most common questions regarding the scalp micropigmentation procedure is whether it helps increase hair density. Well, most clinics may promise to improve your hair density through this procedure, but the claims aren’t valid. SMP creates hair-like follicles through tattoo ink, giving a fuller look but not growing more hair.

The claims about SMP increasing the hair density entirely fall. The dark ink on the scalp may seem like you have grown hair when you haven’t. It is an excellent non-surgical and non-abrasive procedure that gives instant results. However, if you expect that this will increase your hair density, you are mistaken. Never have false expectations to avoid feeling disappointed!

Benefits You Need to Look Out For!

The benefits of SMP make the treatment worth giving a shot. The treatment seems like a tattoo appointment, but the results will make you look at yourself in the mirror for hours. If you want to weigh all the pros before getting this treatment, have a look below:

Girls front hairline thinning before and after results of Scalp micropigmentation Treetment

  • Hides Baldness, Scars, and Birthmarks One of the main reasons SMP works effectively and is quite beneficial is its ability to camouflage baldness. The scars and birthmarks on your scalp can often cause a lot of insecurity. it can help hide baldness, scars, and birthmarks. SMP is the best solution if you are looking for an easy, cost-effective, non-invasive solution.

  • Quick and Non-Invasive Micropigmentation hair gives you the confidence you need to tackle your insecurities. One of the best parts about SMP is that it is quick and non-invasive. You don’t have to visit your aesthetician every few weeks to get a refill or a touchup. The treatment takes a few minutes, and the results are swoon-worthy. The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical; hence, you don’t have to wait for a long vacation to get it done. You can spare a weekend for this treatment and feel fine the next day. It is a great cost-effective alternative to hair transplant, especially if you have a buzz cut.

  • Not Much Recovery Period One of the best parts about the micro pigmentation hair is that you don’t have to wait that long to recover. It would help if you took care of a few things for the best and most long-lasting results. You must follow a few simple instructions to ensure it lasts. The only thing you have to do is make sure you are not wearing much for a few days after the treatment. Don’t go out directly in the sun to avoid scalp irritation and boils. The technicians give you a few medications to ensure faster recovery.

  • Gives a More Aesthetic Look Sometimes, people’s issue is not balding but rather an uneven hairline. The uneven hairline may be due to genetics or male or female pattern balding. However, you can quickly fix the issue through SMP, which helps even your hairline. Most people who love a good buzz cut, and don’t have enough hair should go for this treatment. It helps in making you look more put together and polished. Most men like to spend on this treatment to get the hairline of their dreams. It helps in camouflaging bald spots and promotes hair evenness.

What to Expect When Getting This Treatment?

Before and after treatment hair condition

Some people go ahead with the treatments with false expectations in mind. If you know what to expect from a treatment, your experience becomes a hundred times better. This is an excellent treatment if you try it for the right reasons; here’s what to expect:

  • Camouflages Baldness But Not Get Rid of It One of the biggest misconceptions about it is that it removes baldness. When experiencing hair thinning, you might see bald patches appear on your scalp, and the hair is stiff to grow back. SMP is one of the best procedures that help camouflage baldness through small ink strokes. However, the treatment does not get rid of the bald patches altogether. It gives an illusion that you have hair hiding the scalp.

  • Makes Your Hair Look Fuller But Doesn’t Increase Density Another misconception people have about SMP is that the hair becomes fuller. However, this is not the case because SMP does not increase hair density. It looks like fuller hair, but it does not make your hair look fuller. Hence, SMP is best if you anticipate a pleasant and natural look. However, there are better options than this if you are looking for hair growth. SMP does not increase your hair density or make your hair grow. It is just a tattoo that gives the illusion that you have a lot of hair by hiding bald spots.

  • Lasts Long But Isn’t Permanent The SMP is a good option for people seeking a long-term solution to hide baldness. However, there is often a misconception that it is permanent. The tattoo is permanent, but there will be a time when the ink starts to fade away. The small strokes are necessary to give the illusion of hair-like strands, but they fade away quickly. The SMP will last you up to 4 years, but you may have to get touch-ups occasionally. The treatment does not cause an arm and a leg; hence, it is relatively cost-effective to get more than once.

Procedure and Cost!

The procedure of getting a scalp tattoo is relatively more straightforward and less intimidating. You don’t have to do much to prepare for the treatment beforehand. Before you walk in for the treatment, thoroughly cleanse your scalp. No dirt or oil should be on your scalp as it makes the procedure more challenging.

The technicians mark the area of your scalp that needs micropigmentation before making you choose the ink. They use a smaller needle than the regular tattoo to create fine hair-like strokes. Due to the smaller needle, the pain is highly tolerable. Scalp micropigmentation cost can be around $1800 to $4000, depending on how severe hair baldness is.

Post Care Tips

Women Taking SMP post care tips

Getting the treatment will give you immediate results, but you must take care of a few things to ensure longevity. Covering your head with a shower cap at least a few hours after the treatment is best to avoid getting water on it. Ensure you have minimal sun exposure to keep the ink nice and bright. Always use a mild shampoo and conditioner to cleanse your scalp 5 days after your procedure. Pat your hair gently after showering to avoid losing more.


Is SMP for hair density worth it?

SMP differs from the treatment you should use to increase your hair density. It is better to opt for other surgical and non-surgical procedures to regain lost hair. However, SMP gives the illusion you have more hair through the tattoo technique.

Does SMP make hair thicker?

SMP does not make your hair thicker because it is merely a tattoo to cover bald spots. However, it gives the illusion you have thicker hair and helps in giving you more confidence. A hair transplant is the better option to grow your hair thicker.

What is SMP to increase hair density?

Hair density is the concern of many people who opt for SMP. However, the treatment is not to increase hair density but to hide bald spots. SMP is a good option if you want a quick and non-abrasive solution.


Your hair is valuable, and you realize this once you start losing it. However, you no longer have to worry about bald patches because scalp micropigmentation has your back. Remember this treatment does not make your hair grow but gives a fuller look.


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