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I specialize in camouflage tattooing stretchmarks and scars.



Scar Camouflage

Scar camouflage requires understanding of the skin science behind the physiology of human skin and tissue as well as tattoo technique on compromised skin to bring successful results.  Living with scars can often damage your self-esteem, make you feel self conscious. Scar camouflage can really make a difference for you, in some cases, life-changing. My empathetic understanding 

Candidates are :

  • Tummy Tuck surgery scar

  • Breast augmentation surgery scar ( Areolas )

  • Mastectomy scar

  • Breast reduction scar ( Anchor scar )

  • Arm lift, Thigh lift

  • Male top surgery scar

  • Weight loss surgery

  • Gastric sleeve surgery

  • Liposuction

  • C section scar

  • Burn scar

  • Self harm scar

  • Injury, accident scar

  • Vitiligo ( in remission )

  • Portwine  (only after multiple sessions with laser to cauterize the vessels and only under doctor’s order)

  • Cleft Palates

STEP - 1

Scar Reduction - Pre camouflage

Inkless method is done with tattoo needles, this step is focused on softening scar tissue, smoothing out the texture of the scar, often called scar relaxation technique or CIT, collagen induction therapy. Doing this step will prepare the scar to have a better  color retention for scar camouflage sessions. Different types of needles are used depending on the scar tissue, just enough to cause a controlled damage to the scarred area.  This minor trauma stimulates the blood flow to the area, and triggers the body’s natural healing process. The dry needling technique causes micro punctures, which creates channels that trigger the body to restore collagen, melanin and elastin, therefore promoting further restructuring of damaged skin to a healthier skin tissue.

Raised scars will flatten out, become smoother and tight scars will loosen up, releasing tension on the skin around it. Discolored scars start to normalize and skin tone/color evens out. Numbness on the scar tissue may improve, and start bringing the sensations back. 


Incorporating a proper after care provided by different stages of wound healing, can maximize the result of the treatment, and lightens the hyperpigmented scars as well. FADE MILK, our signature skin whitening cream made specifically for dark scars does the wondrous job in this stage as shown in many improved results.

STEP - 2

Scar Camouflage

Once a scar is light and flatter, matching skin tone will be created by state of art color matching skill, and tattooed into the area that’s missing pigments.


  • Consultation: We will take time to discuss your need and concern, assess your scar,  and a treatment plan will be proposed to meet your needs. We will make sure you are completely comfortable with the proposed treatment before proceeding.

  • Color matching: We will prepare a number of custom-blended pigments specifically for your skin tone. 

  • Tattooing: Before beginning the treatment, we will apply local anesthetic cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible, as needed. 

  • Healing: We will apply a healing ointment to protect the irritated skin and, if necessary, a light dressing. Healing time varies by skin, but in most cases, minor irritation will subside by next day, and the top layers of skin will have healed around 7 days post-treatment. Your skin will continue to heal up to 6 weeks or so. 

  • Aftercare will be provided with detailed instruction.

Scar Camouflage Transformations


I went to see Gina for my tummy tuck scar. The dark discoloration was bugging me. I did some research & came across Elevate You Studio. I was impressed by the results I saw on Yelp & her website. I made an appointment for a session. She was very professional, answered all of my questions thoroughly & gave me realistic results. Oh not to forget to mention about her studio, it was very stylish & zen at the same time. Had a sterile yet warm look to it.

She explained the treatment to me & the after care of it. I followed her directions & when the time came to see my final results, I was amazed! Just by one treatment and my scar already was so much lighter!!! I am already so happy with my results. Thank you so much Gina!!! You rock!!!

I recently visited my plastic surgeon, & he himself was in awe! He asked for her business cards.

Again, can't thank you enough dear Gina!

- Caroline K. -

Arcadia, CA

3D Areola tattoo & Areola Scar Camouflage Tattoo

Areola scars are common with those who had breast surgery. I'm proud to say Areola scar camouflage is my favorite camouflage tattoo. I love how quickly I can provide a complete result, it is incredibly rewarding.


It is also a special procedure because it is less invasive than a painful skin-grafting procedure, which for many years was the only available method of restoring balanced coloration to the area.


The process of areola pigmentation is done in a careful way and takes several visits to obtain the desired result.

Candidates are :

  • Breast cancer survivor

  • Post-mastectomy areola restoration

  • Subcutaneous mastectomy

  • Breast augmentation

  • Breast reconstruction

  • Breast lift

  • Male chest reconstruction

  • Female to male surgery​

Areola Scar Camouflage Tattoo Transformations


I had Para medical tattoo training with Gina, took Stretchmarks In Depth Training !

I have been coming to Gina for my surgery scars , my areola looks much better after Areola scar camouflage tattoo !I feel so much more confident now that you have helped me with all my scars. Thank you for everything you did, not only being a wonderful mentor and a wonderful friend. Thank you

- Anna T. -

Burbank, CA


Stretchmarks Inkless Tattoo 
Stretchmarks Camouflage Tattoo

Stretch Marks Inkless / Camouflage Tattoo is done by needling with tattoo techniques, precisely done on the stretchmarks line.


Stretchmarks have no collagen production or pigment as it is a form of scar. Needling will stimulate collagen production and restore the area to become smoother and lighter.

Inkless treatment is done with pure hyaluronic acid serum or epidermal growth factor, this technique is applied if stretch marks are deeper and wider.

Camouflage tattoo method is to infuse diluted skin color pigment that matches with your skin tone, the stretch marks may be concealed and look less visible. The goal of camouflage tattoo is not to make it obvious there is ink on the skin, to make it well blended with the surrounding skin, therefore "camouflaged".

Camouflage tattoo method should be done only with an experienced artist as it requires an advanced skill and artistic eyes to create skin tone color, and would be the last step to finish the course of treatment.

Healing time for Stretch Marks Inkless / Camouflage Tattoo is between 4-8 weeks in average.​

If you want to find out which method is right for your stretch marks, you can send us an email. 

Are you worried you have hyperpigmentation prone skin?  Pre-care and aftercare will be provided, our regimen works perfectly to prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Stretchmarks Inkless Tattoo ( Inkless revision)
Stretchmarks Camouflage Tattoo Transformations